President-D2D TV/ NuHollywood Studios- DC

As Founder of Iconoclast Entertainment Films, Christine Johanson serves as the President of D2D TV/NuHollywood Studios DC.  Mrs. Johanson’s 21 year career has included her expertise in corporate finance, production, media, management and live events. She possesses significant knowledge and background of all facets of the industry domestically and internationally, including management, entertainment, technology, film and television production/distribution.


Mrs. Johanson is the finance partner with Lonetree Entertainment of the Equalizer Franchise (Denzel Washington, Antoine Fuqua) and the new film “War Magician” with Actor-Bennedict Cumberbatch who was also in (Avengers: End Game). Mrs. Johanson is currently in development through production stages of films that include Dwayne Johnson, Marvel, Ridley Scott, Scott Eastwood etc. Her Iconoclast Entertainment have financed and brought together the top A list talents for events, television and film opportunities for the last decade and continues to utilize their company’s recognition on continuing the pathway for entertainment success.  


Mrs. Johanson brings the former heads of Disney productions and over 20 Academy award-winning and 4 Grammy award winning experts ranging from directors to executives to the table to bring dynamic power to the table for the success of any project that includes her company’s involvement.