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Brandon Franco serves as the Media Coordinator where he provides extensive media production, as well as web development and graphic design support for both our D2D TV Sports channel and NuHollywood Boxing. 


His background with the Boxing Channel TV has allowed him to capture both video and photography for the Major Title Fight (May 2019) with Canelo in Las Vegas. Brandon  has also worked with ESPN for drone piloting with the Ferco Boxing Agency. 


In addition, he has provided media production support to various social media influencers from seeking Neverland to Gaby of "Flippin Las Vegas" featured on the A&E channel, as well as the Ghostface Killah (former WuTang Clan) and Rawkeon Concert.


Currently, Brandon serves as an Associate Producer/Co-Host in collaboration with the Sports podcast program entitled - "Beach Boiz: Roasting Athletes from the Beach to the Streets."