Mr. Jordan is a former singer/songwriter who was signed to Sony550/Epic Records.  During his entertainment career, he and his group, Funky Poets, performed alongside stellar performing artists like Babyface, SWV, New Kids on the Block, Queen Latifah, Mariah Carey and the The Fugees, to name a few.  They also worked on various soundtracks, including Blankman and Firehouse, as well as Free Willy which went on to earn a platinum album. The group also appeared as guest performers on several television shows such as Arsenio Hall, Soul Train, BET, and at the world famous Apollo Theater. 


His experience in the music industry would later lead to Mr. Jordan being asked by his friend, Producer, Writer, Director David Rodriquez (of “Animal Kingdom” and “Chicago PD, Med & Fire” series fame) to work as Musical Director for his first film, “Push”.  Chris, however, would end up working with Dave in quite a different capacity, helping him to raise the $1.2M to get the project off the ground. Chris also made his acting debut in the movie, appearing in a supporting actor role.


Mr.  Jordan is currently providing introductions to several investors who are interested in both the D2D TV and NuHollywood companies.  He has also created the vision for I Butterfly Effect “Ibe” Spotlight, a made for television program for D2D TV that will conduct interviews with various athletes, entertainers and CEOs about how they manage to fulfill their life’s mission to make a difference in the lives of others, while maintaining their busy successful professional careers.

Mr. Jordan will also serve as one of the Co-Producers, as well as a Talent Search and Audition Advisor/Judge for the “NuHollywood Lasting Legends” which is expected to premiere in New York and Las Vegas during winter 2019- fall 2021.