Jason Morenz
Chief Information Technology 
Officer - Washington D.C.

Jason Morenz is a 20 year veteran in the digital broadcast and content creation industry.  For 15 years his focus was as an Apple Computer consultant that brought the digital revolution for creator tools -- of computers, cameras, and storage -- to editors and photographers from the consumer level to top corporate design teams and story tellers.


With his engineering and deployment expertise, Jason brought the digital desktop revolution for still and movie editing creation to thousands of individuals as well as leading corporate broadcasters such as ABC, NBC, FOX, Comcast Spotlight, MLB, Redskins Network, BET, and NASDAQ.


Two longterm consulting assignments Jason was lead architect and deployment consultant that brought about complete overhaul of entire department and workflow methods and outputs know previously. US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) hired Jason to rebuild production studio in new DC headquarters to modernize how the training department uses video for Officer training -- and creating those training movies in the field -- so that they could use training videos more effectively in state of the art decision based interaction simulation in the class room.   These new capabilities allowed the CBP training department to change learning  for the better -- especially how to best use lethal weapons, or 'less' lethal weapons critical to the unique difficult role of border and customs officers.


Similarly, Jason spent two years as lead consultant to modernize equipment and workflow for CoStar Group in the way acquire and store photos and movie of commercial realestate properties.   CoStars lofty goals of acquiring visual account to go along with extensive transaction data for almost ALL commercial properties across the Entire US property market took some innovative equipment and methods that Jason was instrumental in achieving. Also,  Jason contributed lead creation and in-house editing for externally directed CoStar marketing videos.  Finally, CoStars rapid growth saw the culmination of a Super Bowl commercial that was partially created in-house with Jason's consultation for the M/A aquired by Costar.


Jason remains adept in the technology and stays current in all best practices and methods when it comes to content creation.


Jason earned a Mechanical Engineering degree from Colorado State University, and a Masters from George Washington University in Video and Graphics.