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Dream 2 Destiny Television, Inc. (D2DTV) is a network committed to producing and delivering world-class, multicultural, relevant content to our global viewership. Whether YOU want to present YOUR STORY about YOUR Commercial or YOUR Business (Products and/or Services) YOUR Television program and/or web series or YOUR STORY of YOUR documentary and/or Independent film, D2D TV is here to TELL YOUR STORY.....

Interested in D2D TV producing YOUR STORY in a Commercial, Infomercial or Promo video as follows:



TV/Web Series

Documentary/Independent Films

YOUR STORY could be accepted as new Content on Our D2D TV distribution platforms which reaches a percentage of viewership up to 26 million homes through VOD on Direct TV/Roku and Comcast.


YOUR STORY could also appear on several of the US  International airport waiting area TV screens and kiosks that D2D TV uses as distribution platforms. Currently, the 20 international airports under contract have over 25 million travelers daily visiting these 20 international airports such as Denver, Atlanta, Charlotte to name a few.  YOUR STORY could be viewed by potentially millions of viewers in the waiting areas.

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